Have you recently felt unmotivated or uninspired? Do you feel tired for no real reason?

Have you recently felt unmotivated or uninspired?
Do you feel tired for no real reason?

You might be finding it difficult to concentrate, or that your emotions are getting the better of you. These are all signs that you’ve picked up some negative energies. Your aura is like a bright light bulb that radiates healing energy. However, through certain life activities that light bulb can get a little dusty. This ‘dust’, or negative energy, is easy to remove, but it’s even better to protect yourself from it in the first place! Let me teach you a variety of powerful ways to strengthen your aura and shield your sensitive energy. This is essential for anyone working in the spiritual field, or anyone that feels like they pick up other people’s energy and emotions.




You’ll learn the best way to protect your energy as I introduce you to 9 different coloured shields. After these lessons you’ll know when to use purple light, blue light, and many others in the perfect situations every time.

Gain a deeper understanding of why shielding your energy is so important, how often you should perform your Peaceful Protection exercises, and how to send protection to loved ones.

Discover powerful advanced shielding techniques that form a deeper layer of spiritual protection. You’ll also learn how to work with crystals and flowers to strengthen your aura.

Just as you would wipe your feet before entering your home, it’s important to clear away lower energies before shielding your aura. I’ll share some of my favourite clearing methods to help your aura sparkle like new.

Through regular practise you’ll find that you become more sensitive to energy and the guidance of your angels. Here you’ll learn how to strengthen your protection and be certain that you’ve shielded correctly.


How to energetically protect yourself from negativity but allow positive energies to flow easily

Different variations of shields and methods of peaceful protection – so you stay Divinely protected but don’t block out your angels

The properties and benefits of different colored shields – like when to use yellow light instead of purple

Three methods to know you’ve shielded correctly

Signs and symptoms that you need shielding

Why you should always protect your energy

How often you need to re-shield

How to remove negative attachments and clear lower energies

Tips for remembering to protect yourself in a peaceful way, flowers and crystals for protection... and so much more!

Protect your sensitive energy and allow your gifts to shine!

Watch motivational videos, listen to uplifting audio MP3s, or read along with typed transcripts

Once you complete the Peaceful Protection class and take the simple quiz, you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate in Peaceful Protection

I’ll introduce you to 50+ detailed lessons spread over 5-weeks

Allow your spiritual gifts to grow and your connection to the Divine to become clear as you shield yourself from lower energies

Lifetime access so you can access the course as many times as you like, whenever you feel guided.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home – or anywhere with an internet connection!

Enjoy your course on any device – computer, tablet, or even your phone!

Gain access to the exclusive members-only Facebook group for The Academy of Spiritual Development




Payment Plan

4 x monthly payments of

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The Peaceful Protection Class is filled with my heart and soul. So, I happily offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee in case my style of teaching just isn’t your cup of herbal tea.


As a young boy, Robert would see sparkles of light around others and noticed people that nobody else seemed to acknowledge. Over time these sparkles of light revealed their true form and developed into beautiful angels with flowing robes and glowing wings.

As his connection to the angels strengthened, he was guided to include them in his healing work. His clients saw miraculous results and received insightful guidance from their angels.

Today Robert Reeves is a best-selling author, renowned spiritual teacher, healer, naturopath, and angel communicator. Robert's books have been translated into 15+ languages, and his online courses have students from 70+ countries.

He teaches others how to connect with their angels and awaken their gifts. He founded the Academy of Spiritual Development to create a sacred space for online spiritual learning and continues to create new courses and certification programs.