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The Archangel Michael Mist is back!

The Archangel Michael Mist


(but very limited!)

Returning in:

Pacific - Thurs 9th Nov at 1pm
Eastern - Thurs 9th Nov at 4pm
London, UK - Thurs 9th Nov at 9pm
Sydney, Australia AEDT - Fri 10th Nov at 8am


1-2 mists = regular price
3-4 mists = 10% discount
5+ mists = 20% discount


Available while stocks last!

The Archangel Michael Mist is a great everyday aura spray to clear your energy, bring spiritual protection, and illuminate the light of your soul.
It's made by combining powerful vibrational essences and Angel energies with potent essential oils.
Each mist is personally handmade by Robert.

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The Archangel Michael Mist clears lower energies and negativity by bringing positive angel vibrations. It brings you spiritual protection, cleanses your aura, and strengthens your connection to the angels. The Archangel Michael Mist is a powerful energiser and pick-me-up as it illuminates the Divine light within you.

Suggested uses and intentions for the Archangel Michael Mist:

  • Clear lower energies
  • Bring spiritual protection
  • Cuts cords of fear
  • Awakens your connection to the angels
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Clear a room of negative energy
  • Brings courage and motivation
  • Illuminate the light of your soul
  • Clear away fears and doubts
  • Brings empowerment
  • Prepare for psychic readings
  • Prepare for healing work
  • Cleanse crystals
  • Clear oracle card decks
  • Connect with your angels and Archangel Michael

I'll also include a beautiful card explaining the best way to work with your new Archangel Michael Mist and how you can set daily intentions for healing and manifestation. Plus, you'll get an incredible healing prayer you can use when working with the Archangel Michael Mist.

Limit 1 set per order

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Limited supply available!