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Sydney, Australia AEDT - Tue 10th at 9am

Make 2023 a positive year with the help of your Angels!

Let go of the challenges from the last couple of years, remember who you are and what you love, and set positive intentions with your Angels!




Learn how to set positive intentions for 2023 and discover why it's so important in assisting your manifestations!

Holding onto the past will slow you down and block you. Release the energy from previous years and open yourself to the new possibilities of 2023!

Learn the new vibration of 2023 and you'll understand the best way to navigate this year!

Discover the perfect flower to work with this year and learn how to work with its energy.

Find out what crystal the angels say will best help you this year.

Of course, we work with all the angels, all of the time. But, there is one angel in particular who is ready to help you this year!

Learn the difference between setting intentions and making resolutions, and why resolutions never work!

Take time to sit in quiet meditation and make note of your intentions for 2023. By doing this you give yourself, and the Universe, direction. While it may appear simple, this truly is a profound experience.

Putting everything into practice will give you the best possible year you can have!


How to work with angelic tools to help manifest your dreams

How to set clear intentions for the year ahead

Discover a crystal that will support you this year

Set clear intentions for health, love, your purpose, career, abundance, and spirituality

Why resolutions don’t work

How to release blocks and limitations from past years

Understand the energy of 2023 and the main theme that this year brings

Learn what flowers are best to help you reach your goals in 2023

...and so much more!

Plus, I’m releasing a limited number of specially hand-chosen Crystal Kits for 2022 which includes five crystals, a crystal bracelet, a special Manifestation Pouch and a bottle of both my Chakra Balance Spray and Archangel Michael Mist!

Plus, if you love working with crystals you can upgrade your class to include an additional Crystal Kit and Crystal Lessons for 2023!

The Crystal Kits for 2023 are very limited

Set your positive intentions and work with your angels to manifest your dreams in 2023!

Watch motivational videos, listen to uplifting audio MP3s, or read along with typed transcripts that will guide you to make inspired actions this year

Discover how to set clear intentions for all major areas of your life

You’ll learn the spiritual tools the angels are guiding us to work with this year

Work with angelic tools and set your intentions to make 2023 the best year possible!

Lifetime access so you can access the course as many times as you like, whenever you feel guided.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home – or anywhere with an internet connection!

Enjoy your course on any device – computer, tablet, or even your phone!

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