Do you want to bring more healing to yourself and others?

Are you intuitively interested in natural methods of healing?

Welcome the angels of nature into your life as you learn to heal with flowers!




Discover the angels of nature and welcome them into your life! In these first couple of lessons you’ll understand that everytime you work with flowers you are raising your spiritual vibration.

Learn how you receive Divine guidance and how you can connect with your natural gifts and abilities more deeply. When you know how the angels are communicating with you it’s much easier to listen to their guidance.

In these lessons you’ll learn to clear away blocks and purify your energy. When you learn more about the chakras you’ll see how important they can be to bringing healing to yourself and others.

We can work with flowers in a number of different ways, and in these lessons you’ll discover some powerful Flower Therapy Healing methods. You’ll learn how to give a full body Flower Therapy Healing.

As you connect with nature and the angels you’ll be guided through a sacred attunement process that allows you to channel the healing energies of flowers through your hands.

Every flower brings unique gifts and there are some that can help to boost your spiritual confidence and guide you in fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose.

Learn how to use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards to give insightful readings as well as using them as a healing tool.


How to perform a full body Flower Therapy Healing

How the angels are connected to flowers and how each flower has a different angelic association

Numerous Flower Therapy healing methods which you can tailor to your personal needs, and the specific needs of your clients

How to give accurate and healing flower readings

A sacred attunement where you’ll be able to channel the healing energies of flowers through your hands

How to cleanse crystals with flower petals

A step-by-step guide on how to conduct a healing

How to determine your primary psychic sense

A powerful chakra balancing meditation

Detailed information about the 7 major chakras: what they are, what they do, and why you should think about memorising them

How to clear your chakras using specific flowers

How to work with photos and pictures of flowers for profound results

How to cleanse your home: a method you can teach your clients

How fairies work with flowers and how you can work with the fairies for manifestation

How to accurately use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards for readings AND how to use individual cards to attract healing energy... and so much more!

Welcome the angels of nature into your life and become a certified Flower Therapy Healer!

Watch motivational videos, listen to uplifting audio MP3s, or read along with typed transcripts

Once you complete the Flower Therapy Healer class and take the simple quiz, you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate in Flower Therapy Healing

I’ll introduce you to 14 comprehensive healing lessons spread over 7-weeks

Deepen your natural, spiritual healing gifts to be of service for yourself and others

Lifetime access so you can access the course as many times as you like, whenever you feel guided.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home – or anywhere with an internet connection!

Enjoy your course on any device – computer, tablet, or even your phone!

Gain access to the exclusive members-only Facebook group for The Academy of Spiritual Development

Please Note: Currently Robert's books and oracle cards are difficult to find and purchase. And while the Flower Therapy Healer Course talks about his book and cards, you will not need these to complete this class. We will provide you all the necessary information you need to become a certified Flower Therapy Healer.






The Flower Therapy Healer Certification is filled with my heart and soul. So, I happily offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee in case my style of teaching just isn’t your cup of herbal tea.


As a young boy, Robert would see sparkles of light around others and noticed people that nobody else seemed to acknowledge. Over time these sparkles of light revealed their true form and developed into beautiful angels with flowing robes and glowing wings.

As his connection to the angels strengthened, he was guided to include them in his healing work. His clients saw miraculous results and received insightful guidance from their angels.

Today Robert Reeves is a best-selling author, renowned spiritual teacher, healer, naturopath, and angel communicator. Robert's books have been translated into 15+ languages, and his online courses have students from 70+ countries.

He teaches others how to connect with their angels and awaken their gifts. He founded the Academy of Spiritual Development to create a sacred space for online spiritual learning and continues to create new courses and certification programs.