My Chakra Balance Spray is back!

(but very limited!)


1-2 sprays = regular price
3-4 sprays = 10% discount
5+ sprays = 20% discount


Available while stocks last!

This is a great everyday aura spray for healers and intuitives.
The Chakra Balance Spray is made by combining powerful vibrational essences and Angel energies with potent essential oils.
Each spray is personally handmade by Robert.

Chakra Balance Spray keeps all your energy centers balanced and removes negative energy. It ensures you find harmony in all aspects of your life, including work, rest, and play. It’s an excellent pick-me-up when you lose motivation and drive. It brings you back to a positive state where you enjoy life and continue your important role as a helper.

Use the Chakra Balance Spray to:

  • Clear and balance your chakras
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Clear a room of negative energy
  • Connect with your Angels
  • Prepare for psychic readings
  • Prepare for healing work
  • Cleanse your crystals
  • Clear your card decks
  • Bring balance and harmony
  • Remove negative energies
  • Boost your intuitive gifts

I'll also include a beautiful folded card explaining the best way to work with your new Chakra Balance Spray and how you can set daily intentions for healing and manifestation.
Plus, you'll gain access to my Mini Chakra Class (with over 80 minutes of lessons), where I'll teach you about the importance of your chakras and how to use your Chakra Balance Spray in the most effective way.

Limit 1 card per order

Limited supply available!